Park fees : New powers for municipalities

Bill 122 came into force on June 16. This bill enhances the jurisdiction of municipalities, particularly with respect to land use planning. You can consult the explanations of the ministère des Affaires municipales et Occupation du territoire on the main lines of the Law at this address . We present to you the main changes that this law brings with regard to town planning.

Municipalities will be able to charge park fees upon the issuance of a building permit related to work that will enable new activities, as defined by the by-law of the municipality, to be carried out or to intensify, within the meaning of this regulation.

In addition, the municipality may require the transfer of more than 10% of the land area if it is located in a “central area” of the municipality and constitutes, in whole or in part, a “green space”. The municipal council shall, by regulation, delineate the central areas of the municipality and define what constitutes a green space.

The rules for calculating the area of land to be surrendered or the amount to be paid as park fees shall take into account, to the credit of the owner, any transfer or remittance previously made related to all or part of the land. Previously, only transfers related to a cadastral operation were considered.

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