Municipal – Governance – Ethics

Public Procurement Contracts and Call for Tenders


  • Public procurement contracts and call for tenders
  • Public infrastructure projects
  • Contracting process
  • Tender documents
  • Authorization to enter into public contracts from regulatory bodies
  • Municipal service agreements
  • Public-private partnerships and strategic alliances


Analysis and legal counsel on the compliance of bids to call for tenders, the tender process and procurement contract documents

  • Assistance, strategic and legal advice
  • Public call for tenders
  • Answering a public call for tenders
  • Contract negotiations
  • Filing an application for the authorization to enter into public contracts to the Financial Markets Authority (Autorité des marchés financiers – AMF)
  • Municipal public-private partnerships and strategic alliances with a municipality


  • Declaratory judgments on compliance of a bid
  • Injunction to prevent the award of public contracts to a competitor bidder
  • Action for damages resulting from the illegal awarding of a contract to another bidder
  • Application for judicial review of decisions of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)


Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct


  • Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act
  • Municipal Code of Ethics
  • Conflicts of interest – Pecuniary interests
  • Eligibility and qualification to hold office
  • Investigations under the Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act before the Quebec Municipal Commission


Strategic and legal counsel to municipal council members, officers and directors in matters of municipal ethics and conflicts of interest, pecuniary interests, inability and eligibility

Litigation :

  • Investigations in ethics and good conduct before the Quebec Municipal Commission
  • Disqualification action, quo warranto writ

Certified Ethics and Conduct Adviser by Ministry of Municipal Affairs under section 35 of the Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act


Elections and Referendums in Public Bodies


  • Elections and Referendums in Municipalities
  • Electoral law
  • Returning officers
  • Eligibility and inability of candidates


Legal counsel and strategic advice to Chief Returning Officers, candidates and municipal political parties

Legal counsel on any matter relating to the Act Respecting Elections and Referendums in Municipalities

Training of election officers and municipal political parties

Acting as returning officer

Litigation :

  • Judicial recount
  • Contestation of election
  • Eligibility and inability of candidates
  • Application for declaration of inability or quo warranto


Public Access to Information of Municipal Bodies


  • Request for access to information and restrictions
  • Review and appeals of request denials for access to information


Strategic and legal counsel:

  • Asking a public sector organization for information
  • Reviewing right to information request to municipalities and public bodies
  • Protecting clients from disclosure of private and confidential documents
  • Filing of freedom of information request

Litigation :

  • Filing of administrative review and appeals of disclosure denial to documents before the Commission d’accès à l’information
  • Appeals to the Court of Quebec
  • Judicial review before the Superior Court of Quebec


Information Sessions, Public Consultation Meetings and Referendums


  • Information and consultation meetings
  • Assembly Chair
  • Consultation Procedures


Strategic and legal counsel:

  • Acting as secretary and chair
  • Representation at information sessions and consultation meetings
  • Advice for developing policies and legal strategies
  • Preparation of briefs
  • Negotiation with stakeholders