Urban Planning/zoning

  • PMAD (Greater Montreal Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan)
  • RCM’s Regional Land Use and Planning programs
  • Planning programs (Comprehensive plan: Plan d’urbanisme)
  • Special planning programs (PPU: Programme particulier d’urbanisme)
  • Interim control, moratoriums, notices of motion

  • Rezoning process and approvals
  • Density and bonus zoning, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Public consultation and referendum approvals
  • Park fees and wetland compensation
  • Acquired rights
  • Regulatory takings and condemnation

  • Minor variance
  • Site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIA)
  • Specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposals for an immovable
  • Conditional uses
  • Comprehensive development programs

  • Municipal works agreements
  • Development and redevelopment agreements
  • Public-Private Partnership agreements
  • Land trusts

  • Demolitions permits
  • Approval and appeal before Demolition Committees
  • Citation of cultural and patrimonial properties
  • Application for project approvals to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs

  • Application for non-agricultural use
  • Application for disposition or subdivision
  • Acquisition of agricultural land by non-residents of Quebec
  • Acquired rights


Regulatory compliance, audits and due diligence analysis

By-law adoption and amendment process and regulatory monitoring

Strategic and legal advice for:

  • Applications for construction permits, building conversion permits, subdivision permits and other certificates of authorization, and their supervision, for a fast issuance
  • Building demolition applications and representations before Demolition Committees or in appeal before the Borough or City Council, as the case may be
  • Applications for discretionary approvals, such as minor variances, site plans, specific building or occupancy proposals, comprehensive development plans, conditional uses, municipal agreements
  • Zoning amendments
  • Recognition of acquired rights
  • Public consultation for zoning by-law proposals, referendum approvals and applications

Representations before Municipal Councils and Committees, such as Planning Advisory Committees (CCU), Heritage Boards, public consultations before Municipal or Borough Councils, Montreal’s Public Consultation Office

Drafting, negotiation and closing of municipal works agreements, development and redevelopment agreements, for wetland compensatory measures, municipal land acquisitions and exchanges etc.

Litigation before courts and administrative tribunals:

  • Defense to a prosecution for a municipal offense before Municipal Courts
  • Motion under section 227 of the Land Use Planning Act (LUPA) before the Superior Court to order the cessation of a non-conforming use or a demolition order of a non-conforming building, plaintiff or defendant
  • Challenge of park fees and levies or site assessment for that purpose
  • Contestation of zoning and other municipal by-laws before the Superior Court
  • Mandamus to compel the issuance of a building permit or a certificate of authorization
  • Assessment of the conformity of planning programs and of zoning by-laws to the Regional Plan before the Quebec Municipal Commission