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Assistant : Louise Émond

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Louis Beauregard works mainly in the areas of municipal and land development law. He specializes in municipal and land development law. For more than 30 years, he has represented clients in cases relating to urban planning and zoning approvals, expropriations and municipal taxation and assessments and other aspects of municipal and real estate law. He has acted as counsellor and negotiator for individuals and corporations with municipal governments and has pleaded before the Court of Appeal of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec, the Quebec Administrative Tribunal and before several Administrative Courts and Municipal Courts. He is accredited as civil and commercial mediator and councillor in municipal ethics.

Representative Work

  • Louis advises and represents real estate owners, developers and builders at all steps of theirs projects, whether in land use, subdivision and zoning approvals and construction permits, to get an amendment to the land use plan or Master Plan, a zoning change, an approval for a specific construction project (PPCMOI), a demolition permit, a building permit, SPAIP (site plan), a minor derogation (minor variance), a conditional use, or to conclude municipal services agreements or land development agreements, he represents them in public consultations and assists them in the zoning referendum approval process.
  • He has represented clients on numerous occasions in the context of a Motion for cessation of use or a Request for demolition under Section 227 of the Act respecting Land Use Planning and Development. He obtained orders from the Superior Court to demolish an immovable that contravened zoning regulations or to stop construction projects that began without a building permit and successfully defended (in court or by agreement) ordinance to stop a use or demolition (commercial parking, construction in a riparian strip, mechanic repair garages, reception hall, among others).
  • He advises strategically and represents clients in matters of demolition permit applications before Demolition Committees and subsequent appeals to City or Borough councils.
  • He litigates motions in mandamus proceedings to force the issuance of construction permits.
  • He represents clients with municipal officials or before the courts to have their acquired rights recognized to a use or a building; for example, commercial parking lots, mechanics garages, shoreline constructions or docks and boathouse in the coastal shoreline.
  • He represented an important religious institution in the negotiation and conclusion of a development and servitude agreement with the City of Montreal.
  • He represented a residential condominium syndicate in Mont-Tremblant in a tripartite agreement with the City of Mont-Tremblant and Intrawest which enabled and improved an important residential development project while protecting the interests of residents.
  • He represents commercial parking owners and operators with respect to acquired rights in downtown Montreal.

  • He advises clients upstream to reduce their municipal tax burden.
  • He advises and represents retailers of national scope in the municipal taxes and assessment disputes of their stores, in negotiations with municipal assessors and in the filing of an application for review of an entry on the roll and, eventually, the filing of an Application to institute proceedings before the Quebec Administrative Tribunal, in order to reduce their valuation or to challenge and modify an entry of the municipal assessment roll.
  • He had park fees canceled, namely for a Montreal hotel owner and a residential property owner in Montreal West Island.
  • He has many active contestations files before the Administrative Tribunal regarding the value used by Cities and Boroughs to establish parks fees (10%) in subdivision approvals and “redevelopment” construction permits (namely in Mont-Tremblant, Laval, McMasterville, Plateau Mont-Royal, Lasalle).
  • He advises clients in respect of borrowing by-laws decreeing municipal works and imposing local improvement taxes and tax basins therein, municipal tariffing and duties on transfer of immovables.
  • He had community organizations recognized as exempt of municipal taxes before the Quebec Municipal Commission .

  • He advises and represents expropriated parties in expropriation by municipalities, MTQ or under the Federal Expropriation Act and obtains for them the best compensation possible.
  • He has represented expropriated parties in numerous expropriation files or subject to a reserve for public purposes (which freeze property in prospect of an expropriation), either to contest the expropriation or notice of reserve, for example, the Quartier des spectacles PPU, or to obtain just compensation under the Expropriation Act, by negotiation or decision of the TAQ (competent in those matters). For example, he defended expropriated parties for the expropriations for the Côte-Vertu Terminus, the widening of Notre-Dame Street East and the expansion of the Port of Montreal (expropriation of 43 residential properties on Caty and Bruneau streets and one commercial property, 1998-2002).
  • He advises and represents expropriated businesses to obtain just compensation for their relocation or reinstallation or, as the case may be, for their definitive closure

  • Class actions in environmental nuisances (noise, pollution, floods) :
    • Mayer vs. Cast Terminal (For the claimants: Authorized and Settled: 1998)
    • C.Q.V. vs. Aéroports de Montréal (For the claimants: Appeal to the Supreme Court – Denied)
    • ACCES -Fatima vs. Bois et placages généraux (General Woods & Veneers (GWV)) (For the claimants: Authorized 2007, Settled)
    • Langevin vs. Bouchard and  Location Jean Miller (For the defendant, pending)
    • Association des résidentes et résidents du domaine des ruisseaux de Marieville vs. Génivar (For the claimants, pending: authorization granted in April 2015))
  • Representations on behalf of the owner of a sand pit in the Laurentians in the conclusion of an agreement with a municipality for its operation and its restoration.

  • He advises and represents services or equipment companies responding to tenders and filing public submissions with Quebec municipalities in relation to the tender documents and the process of public tenders.
  • In matters of elections, he has acted as returning officer in the health network and has advised returning officers, trained election officers and advised candidates.
  • He has successfully represented a councilman in an investigation conducted by the Quebec Municipal Commission under the Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act.
  • He has represented a municipal councilor of the Laurentides region, sued for conflict of interest.

Louis provides legal and strategic services to some of Canada’s largest retailers and property owners, as well as to public bodies and individuals who deal with local governments and municipalities.

Acting on behalf of individuals or businesses against a municipal administration, he also receives referrals from other attorneys who do not have the necessary expertise to deal with cases in municipal law, urban planning, expropriation or municipal taxation.

He is past president of the Municipal Section of the Canadian Bar Association – Quebec Division and is a member of the Executive Committee of the National Section.

Louis is also a lecturer at the UQAM School of Management Sciences (GSS) in the MBA program for real estate executives since 1999 where he teaches the course of public real estate law after having giving it at the Department of Legal Sciences since 1986. He has been a lecturer for the Quebec Bar, the Canadian Bar Association and many other organizations (UDI, IPPP, QHA, Insight, CCH, CEFRIO, …).

Louis founded, in 1995, the Institute for Public-Private Partnership (IPPP), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the collaboration of private and public sectors to alternative modes of delivery of public services and served as corporate Secretary until 2010.

Louis was a member on the municipal council of a small resort town near Montreal, from 1998 to 2017.

He is fluent in French and English.

  • Called to the Bar in1984
  • Bachelor of Civil Law, McGill University, B.C.L. 1983
  • Bachelor of Science (Geography), Université de Montréal, B.Sc. 1980
  • Continuous Legal Education (namely):
    • New York University : Land Use Law, 2002
    • Barreau du Québec Service de la formation continue: Médiation civile et commerciale, 2005
    • American Law Institute: Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation (San Francisco), 2015

Publications and Conferences

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